I am an old DM from the days of the original D&D and then AD&D. My original core rules books are now collectors items (of course my copies are MIA), and I have not picked up a recent book until now. My son is now approaching D&D age but is growing up in the World of Warcraft (which I like as well, of course). When we ran into a old high school friend at a recent school event we started talking about old times playing AD&D late into the night. My son was listening intently and asked me to explain the game after we got home. I went on to tell him how we played at the Kitchen table with paper and pencil, picturing the scenes in our mind as they’re described by the DM. He couldn’t quite fathom it, and actually at one point he thought we drew pictures with the pencil and paper! This is when I discovered that my old books were missing and when trying to pick some up on eBay I found they are considered relatively valuable. Anyway, on a whim I went to the local game store and found the starter package for 4th edition. (Little did I know I could have gotten it all for free online! DUH!) Pure marketing genius!

My son is finding it very interesting, although my DM skills are very rusty (and were never that good), and we play periodically. I thought I’d take the easy way out and begin with the pre-packaged “Keep on the Shadowfell.” (Also because it’s free. ASIDE: Did they purposfully name it similarly to the classic “The Keep on the Borderlands?”) That being said, I’m very interested in the electronic tools for DMs so I thought I’d try this wiki to see if I can use it. I know it’s not intended to be used with pre-packages adventures, but this way as the world grows I can have the information in one place, and who knows – maybe I’ll start creating some of my own stuff!

Against the Scourge